A quiet afternoon

DSCF0153Cutting the grass on our allotment which is the size of a field requires using the ride-on tractor grass-cutter.  I’d never used it before yesterday, so after some basic instruction by Himself regarding the five levers that all do different things and lots of encouragement along the lines of ‘it’s simple’ (yeah, right)  I kangaroo-hopped for the first few yards. But after five minutes I was chugging happily around in huge circles (no way was I going to attempt reverse after being warned that if I didn’t remember to lift the blade it would rip the bottom off).  This allowed Himself to do other necessary jobs and we were finished by lunchtime.  In the afternoon we sat in the conservatory and watched a large, vividly coloured pheasant with an injured foot give himself a dustbath in the dry earth of the strawberry patch then settle down against the hedge for an afternoon nap.  The woodpecker was dashing to and fro grabbing huge chunks out of the fat square hanging under the bird table, and three baby rabbits emerged from the side hedge to eat the dandelions on the lawn.  Blackbirds, goldfinches, sparrows, and tits were trying to outsing each other as they chased, squabbled and displayed.     Then pigeons stationed every couple of trees along the side hedge cooed territorial warnings to each other while one on the roof actually growled.   A quiet life in the country? It’s bedlam.

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