IMG_0818 Dolly before RSIMG_0825 Dolly afterThese are pictures of ‘Dolly’ an Austin Ten, before and after my husband (known as ‘Himself’ to maintain his privacy) painted her.   Actually, the photos doesn’t so her justice.   She belongs to the son of our next-door neighbour and he has wanted to display her in the Vintage Motors section of the local Agricultural Shows, but was ashamed of her shabby state. I would just say Himself did not choose the colour – he would have preferred a deep maroon or dark cherry. But the tins of paint came with her. Doesn’t she look smart and gorgeous? She certainly won’t be overlooked now. The funny thing is that when I was little, my Dad used to hIMG_0826ave a black Austin Seven called Aggie. If these cars are classified as ‘Vintage’ what does that make me?!

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