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61367Bay of Rainbows‘Bay of Rainbows’  published by Accent Amour under my pen name of Dana James will be a free download from today until the end of October.   Here’s a little bit about it:

Meeting racing yacht designer Nathan Bryce for the first time after being falsely accused of drug smuggling, Polly realised everything she had heard and read about him was true. He was handsome, fascinating, and ruthless.   He was also her only hope of proving her innocence.

Here’s an excerpt:

Polly was bewildered.  ‘It made no difference to me whether the boat belonged to him. Clive was the skipper, I was the cook.

His eyes glittering, Nathan shook his head. ‘Why do I find such protestations hard to believe?’

‘Because you have a naturally suspicious and mistrusting nature?’ she suggested acidly.

He eyed her for a moment. ‘The point is, if Kemp is locked up he obviously isn’t going to be available to do the job he was hired for. In fact, when he does eventually get out of jail I intend to make sure he never again sets foot on any boat or property owned by my companies.’ His eyes were as cold as polar ice, his mouth a brutal slash.

Though Polly had little sympathy for Clive after what he’d put her through, this merciless dismissal of another man’s entire future made her skin crawl.

Then Nathan smiled, unnerving her still further.  She waited for him to continue speaking, but he simply studied her with a detached speculation that did nothing to soothe her ragged nerves. Unable to bear this silent examination a moment longer, she said the first thing that came into her head.

‘Surely is wouldn’t be difficult to find another skipper? Better still, why not fly to Athens from her and charter another boat from the Kalamaki marina?’

Impatience darkened his features.  ‘How would it look to my consortium if the chief designer and managing director of Bryce International, one of the major manufacturers of ocean racers, turned up in any other yacht but his own? Besides,’ something in his voice made her flinch, ‘after this episode I don’t feel like entrusting Seawitch to anyone else. Nor do I have time to go looking for a suitable crew.’ He stood up, towering over her. ‘Why should I, when you’re already here?’

Polly leapt to her feet, appalled. ‘You can’t be serious.’

‘I thought I’d made it clear. I don’t joke about money.’

‘You take far too much for granted,’ she stormed. ‘I wouldn’t go with you if you were the last man on earth.’ She lifted her chin, radiating defiance.   A man as handsome, as powerful, and as used to getting his own way as this one was a dangerous man to know.  She needed to get away from Nathan Bryce as fast as she could.

His calm smile never wavered. ‘You do understand that bail is granted only under certain conditions?’

‘What conditions?’  Apprehension strummed her taut nerves.

‘You are being released into my custody.’ Nathan’s cool gaze held hers.  ‘Which means you are required by law to remain with me until your trial. And the date for that has yet to be fixed.’

Before she had time to absorb all the implications of this statement he was speaking again.

‘An enormous amount of time and money has already been poured into this challenge. The Athens meeting has taken months to set up.  This last-minute change of dates is only the latest in a long line of difficulties we’ve had to overcome.’ His mouth hardened into an implacable line.  ‘I got the whole thing up and running. I don’t intend to lose out now.’ He looked down at her, his gaze as cold as splintered ice.  ‘Seawitch sails for Athens first thing in the morning. Either you sail with me or I withdraw bail.’

‘You’d leave me here?’ she choked, her gaze flying round the shabby spartan room.

‘This is an interview-room,’ he reminded her.  ‘I doubt a cell would be as comfortable.’

‘Th – that’s b-blackmail,’ she spluttered.

‘It’s your choice.’ He looked at his watch. ‘You’d better make up your mind.’


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