Heart of Stone

It’s been a really hectic few weeks, which I why I’ve not posted recently.  Accent Press is bringing out a further eight of my short romances previously published by Mills & Boon.  However, because I hadn’t kept the manuscripts on my computer, copies of the books had to be scanned and turned into electronic files.   It’s my responsibility to edit these to ensure there are no spelling errors etc.  Doing this first edit also enables me to make alterations and additions where these would improve the story.  The problem is that when the scanned editions are returned  every page of every book is enclosed in a text frame and these have to be removed.  Learning curve?  More like a vertical line!  But all text frames have been removed and now I’m making excellent progress with the editing.  I’ve also been busy with edits and proof-reading for my new historical rom9781783755608_FC HOS RSance due out as an ebook and paperback in July.  (More about that in a future post)

Meanwhile ‘Heart of Stone’ was published yesterday as an ebook at the very attractive price of £1.83.   This book was short-listed for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Historical Romance Prize.  I think Accent’s design team have done a fantastic job with the cover.  Here’s the blurb:

In 1840s Cornwall, 25-year-old Sarah Govier supports herself and her illegitimate son, Jory, on the income from Talvan, the granite quarry she inherited from her father. But businessman Kinser Landry wants Talvan and will stop at nothing to get it.  As her problems increase,  Sarah turns in desperation to James Crago, a gunpowder manufacturer whose land adjoins hers. After twenty years as soldier in India, Crago, 37,  returned home, his face horrifically scarred during his attempt to help the girl he loved escape a despotic raja. Local reaction to his appearance has turned him into a recluse. Rejected by society, emotionally bruised and deeply wary, neither James nor Sarah anticipated the powerful attraction that draws them ever closer. But as others plot against them, can they escape the past?

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