Promo and pheasants

ThisIMG_0867RS is something all authors are expected to do now – promote our books.  We have websites and blogs. Facebook and Twitter have been joined by Pinterest and Goodreads and probably more.   Authors talk a lot about the problem of trying to maintain a regular presence on all of them and still find time to write the next book. Bearing in mind that our families deserve some of our time as well, it’s clear that it’s simply not possible to do it all.   I like my Facebook pages and this blog.   I’m not even attempting the rest because I’d rather be working on the next book.  Forgive me, I’m finding the heatwave hard to cope with.  I love the cool fresh days of spring and autumn. I even like winter because if it’s cold you can always add another layer or two.   But in Cornwall, because we’re surrounded on three sides by water, when it’s hot it is also humid and that leaves me feeling (and probably looking)  like wiltIMG_0862RSed lettuce.   It’s affecting our resident wildlife as well.  Two cock pheasants have moved into our back garden.   They pick up seeds from around the bird table, drink from the bird bath, then either make themselves comfortable in the strawberry bed and bask in the sun, or retreat under the shade of the trees along the hedge. When I went out to hang washing on the line this morning they grumbled a bit but remained where they were just a few feet away.   Despite my whinging this weather has compensations. Our hanging baskets are looking fantastic, and all the Vintage Shows and Rallies are attracting record numbers of visitors.  Himself is off to St Buryan Vintage Rally with two trailer-loads of his restored rotavators and his caravan on Friday.  The forecast is for wall-to-wall sunshine. He’ll have a ball.


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