Proper spring

IMG_0746RSIt was a long winter with five months of continuous rain. But all that water 100_0684Rhas given us the lushest and most colourful and fragrant spring in years.   First were the daffodils and crocuses. Then all the new leaves began unfurling turning the sepia-toned landscape a dozen shades of green. Next came the bluebells, azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons. These do wonderfully well here due to our acid soil.  Since Easter dozens of coaches packed with people from the Continent have been visiting Cornish gardens which are at their very best right now.  As well as all this colour in our small garden, we are regularly visited by a beautiful cock pheasant who has a damaged foot and limps round the deck beneath the birdtable picking up seeds. When he’s had enough he has a dustbath in the strawberry patch then makes himself comfortable under the hedge and takes a nap.  Three baby rabbits are eating my aquilegia, and started on the strawberry plants until we netted them (the plants, not the rabbits)  They spend an hour in the evening chasing each other around the lawn and playing hide and seek behind the shrubs.  Spike sultanas RSI wish I could get a photo but though they ignore me if I’m sitting reading in the conservatory, the instant I pick up a camera they disappear. Watching them is more entertaining than anything on TV.  We’ve also got a visiting hedgehog who likes sultanas.  I really must get back to work.

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