West of England Steam & Country Fair

IMG_0900 steam car RSI spent three hours there this morning and have just got home totally shattered after walking for three hours and still not seeing everything.  The weather was perfect – thick cloud (no squinting in bright sunshine) and a nice breeze.  As the fair is spread over several acres of fields, walking on the grass was comfortable and cool underfoot.  The displays were amazing:  hundreds of vintage cars, motor cycles, tractors and traction engines, each class had its own parade.  There was one motorbike and sidecar raced around the parade ground at 60 mph.  When it stopped the riders had to be lifted off. They were in their seventies.

Large marquees held displays of craftwork including basket weaving, knitting and crochet work, willow sculptures, spinning and weaving, and silver jewellery made while you watched.  There were demonstrations of thatching and blacksmithing.

The falconry display had a sticky moment when one of the falcons decided she was enjoying her freedom and decided to delay her return, flying in ever widening circles above the showground. The crowd followed her progress while her handler kept spinning the lure, his whistles growing slightly frantic.  She came back eventually and the show continued.

Two steam cars beautifully polished and almost silent made circuits of a display field.  One had just returned from a touring holiday of Jersey.  Because they need to replenish their water tanks quite often they all carry lengths of hose and refill from a stream. IMG_0902 Steam Car 2RS

Himself’s display of restored vintage rotavators is attracting a lot of interest.  In the past two days he has been given three with a promise of two more.  Added to the ones he already has at home waiting to be worked on he’s going to be busy right through the winter.  He’s also been invited to several of the ‘Working Days.’   While the tractor men are nearly all farmers and take their ploughing matches seriously, he and a couple of others who own agricultural machines have been promised a corner of one field to ‘make a mess in.’   Hot pasties and tea are provided.

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